Roll-on/Roll-off Shipping

Farrell Lines offers cost-competitive access to three outstanding ships, two pair of identical vessels. With over 584,000 and 712,000 total square feet, our vessels have the space to handle your rolling stock. In addition, our ships have militarily useful space of over 115,000 and 140,000 square feet, although they have capacity of over 170,000 and 200,000 square feet that can accommodate most military vehicles.

Our ocean services focus on transits between the U.S East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico to the Middle East and Southwest Asia. We make port calls on inducement.

Primary Ports of Call
Aqaba, Jordan
Baltimore, Maryland
Beaumont, Texas
Charleston, South Carolina
Jacksonville, Florida
Karachi, Pakistan
Salalah, Oman
Shuaiba, Kuwait
Umm Qasr, Iraq
Jebel Ali, UAE
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Other Ports of Call
Anchorage, Alaska
Antwerp, Belgium
Fujairah, U.A.E.
Hamad Port, Qatar
Mina Sulman, Bahrain
Savannah, Georgia
Portsmouth, Virginia
Tacoma, Washington
Wilmington, Delaware

Inland Transportation

Farrell Lines has the access to the global intermodal networks that you require. From the continental United States to Iraq or Afghanistan – and back home again – we tailor our transportation solutions to cover multiple modes. Our résumé includes direct-to-dock rail delivery of U.S. military cargo in Portsmouth, Virginia, and expedited inland trucking from Karachi, Pakistan. With Farrell Lines, you can book with confidence and be assured of door-to-door excellence.


Farrell Lines provides specialized logistics services for rolling-stock cargo. Tarping, lashing, documentation, security – we do it all. Our enhanced in-transit visibility capability is second to none in providing near real-time location and status information. We offer a host of logistics services and can fit their implementation to meet your needs.

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