Customer Relations

At Farrell Lines, we strive to simplify the process of global transportation, offering practical solutions and delivering your cargo on time and in perfect condition. Our team is available at your convenience. Please email or call us to discuss your needs and learn how we can serve you.

Department Name Position Location Direct Fax
Customer Service Kristine Robertson Specialist, Global Inland Line Haul USA +1-757-963-8838 +1-757-852-3232
  Courtney Marshall Manager, RoRo Services USA +1-757-531-7862 +1-757-852-3232
  Angela Nowak Contracting USA +1-703-351-0111 +1-703-373-6019
  Dick Wilkens Manager-Expediting Freight Administration USA +1-757-852-3246 +1-757-852-3232
  Laura Kunkle Assistant Manager, Expediting Freight Administration USA +1-757-531-7802 +1-757-852-3232
Operations Bill Wightman Operations Dubai +971-4-442-49-50 x510 +971-4-442-43-69
  Mahendra Verma Customer Service Dubai +971-4-442-49-50 x513 +971-4-442-43-69
  Phil McAfee Port Captain USA +1-904-516-4874 +1-904-352-2484
Management Rick Boyle Commercial USA +1-703-351-0125 +1-703-373-6019
  Paul Giovino Commercial USA +1-757-416-7072 +1-757-852-3232

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